Executive / Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching centered on you and your goals.

Individual coaching is centered on you and your goals.  A typical coaching arrangement is a four month period of time in which we meet together intensively to clarify your 3-5 top goals, develop strategies for accomplishing them, and take concrete and measurable action towards those goals.  At the end of this time, you will be amazed at what you have been able to achieve!

Executive Coaching will help you take your leadership to the next level.  Topics we can work on together include meeting a sales quota, succession planning, strategic planning for your company, identifying your path towards promotion, navigating a challenging problem in your business or life, developing a healthy culture within your group, conflict resolution, personal goals, improving team-work, enhancing communication skills, improving relationships and many others.

Generally, we will meet twice a month for 45 minutes each session.  The sessions are focused on drawing out and building on your best ideas.  We can meet in person, by phone or via video conferencing.  I look forward to working with you on your success!

Pricing – 4 months, 8 sessions, with unlimited texts and emails between sessions – $300/mo. or $1100.00 prior to first session.