Facilitation of your group’s strategic move forward

Does your organization feel like it has lost focus?  Is there a specific challenge facing your team that will require everyone to dig in deeper or get on the same page?  Perhaps your group needs to develop a strategic plan to guide it for the next phase of your organizational life.  These and other situations sometimes call for an outside voice to help facilitate the group’s move towards the next steps.

In consultation, we structure a day (or multiple days) of in-depth work with the major stake-holders involved.  The intensive time of reflection, team-building, core-value clarification and other work leads the board, team or other leadership group to common goals and a stream-lined process for attaining them.

Polzin Coaching & Consulting, Inc. is ready to help your business, ministry or non-profit get stronger and more effective.

Pricing – Negotiable based on how many on-site meetings and the type of project.